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Welcome to Carter Wire

Carter Wire is a producer of low carbon fine wire used in many industries. Our primary offerings include Galvanized, Copper Coated and Plain Steel wire from .015 to .198 inches in diameter with a variety of packaging options. We can meet your tensile requirements from dead soft wire to hard as drawn.

Carter Wire is a division of A. B. Carter, Inc. The parent company was established in 1922 to manufacture precision accessories for the textile industry. The longevity and growth of our company is directly related to our commitment to providing quality products and servicing our customer needs. We continuously strive to improve our processes with a goal of meeting and exceeding our customer's expectations. Our ISO 9001-2008 registration is just one example that illustrates our employee involvement and dedication to continuously improve our quality system.

For all your low carbon fine wire needs, give Carter Wire a call at 704-874-2746.

Carter wire


Carter wire

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Carter wire

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